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Access to abortion in Romania is difficult, full of different types of barriers. If this is the case for Romanians, it is even harder for refugees, to which is added the language barrier, plus that of the foreign environment through which they have to manage.

The response to the refugee crisis must contain safe and accessible sexual and reproductive health services.

Education and counseling for sexuality and healthy relationships, notions of autonomy and informed consent, contraception and prevention of sexually transmitted infections, prevention of gender-based violence, supervision of pregnancy, childbirth assistance, supervision of childbirth and the newborn, provision of safe abortions, accessible, all these are services that women and young girls that are living on the territory of Romania  need to have access to.

If you are from Ukraine and you are currently in Romania, whether short-term or indefinite, and you need access to counseling and / or abortion, we are with you to facilitate this need. Our services are offered with respect to the choices of each woman, and for refugees they are accompanied by translation, so that you can communicate as well as possible. We want to clarify everything, and during this counseling and / or abortion process we want you to feel safe, understood and supported.

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